This is Ozzie, an 8 week old male Mini Schnauzer joining the family of Judie Shull.

Mudd, a 7 week old male Lab/ Pointer mix brought in by Mrs. Hauge and his little human sister

Elmo, a 5 1/2 month old male kitten joining his new mom and little sister.

Bella, a 12 week old female King Charles Spaniel that has joined the James family

This is Beans, a 4 month old male Siamese mix kitten that has joined the Weber family

Eddie, a 9 week old male mixed breed puppy that has joined the Rohde family.

Rio, a 9 week old female Cairn Terrier who was brought in by Mr. and Mrs. Lange.

Adie and Odie, two 10 week old kittens joining the Logan family.

How cute is this? We welcome Chase a 16 week old Australian Shepard and blue tick hound mix. He was brought in by Cindy Osborn. Mom noted he has only two black nails and the rest are white. How unique?!

This cute little man is Colt. He is a 10 week old Labrador retriever and was brought in by Macey Engel. His father was over a hundred pounds so it will be interesting to see how big you get! Welcome to Animal Health Clinic

Scrappy owned by Robyn Stolz

Max owned by the Amy Logan Family

This is Smoke an 11 week old Catahoula. He is very well behaved and loves to play with his big sister! He was brought in by Kristen Pederson and Ryan Myers.

This is Pogo 2, an 11 week old female Pomeranian joining the Anderson family.

This is Blue, a bluetiful 7 week old Blue Heeler.

This adorable little girl was brought in by Stian Olson. She is a 9 week old corgi mix. Welcome to AHC!

Artemus, a 19 week old female DSH joining the Bovero family.

This is Hooka, a 5 month old female DSH with a long haired tail brought in by the Jensen family.

This is Frank, an 11 week old male Labrador Retriever that has joined the Kettering family.

This is Lilly, a 9 week old female lab brought in by Jessica Polk.

This is Korbin, a 12 week old male kitten that has joined the family of Ms. Gobel.

This is Rhino, an 18 week old male Pitbull mix.

This is Rambo, a 9 week old male dachshund joining the family of Mr. Cross and Capone.

These kittens are Tippy (left) and Nala (right), 13 week old sisters from the same litter, and they have joined the Elwood family.

This is Bella, an 8 week old female DSH who has joined the Stoddard family.

This curious man is named Emmitt and he is 13 weeks old. He was brought in by Dylan Lynde and Family. He loves to play in his water dish and wake his mom up early in the morning! Welcome to AHC!

Sneakers, a 14 week old male DSH brought in by Kasey Hinkle and his two new human sisters.

Kooter a 9 week old Catahoula Leopard brought in by Keith Haberman.

Paco a 8 week old Chihuahua brought in by Rosalinda Pena.

This is Bailey, a 9 week old female Schnoodle/ Bichon Frise that has joined the family of Mary Hanson.

BENTLEY owned by Jessie Jensen.

HOLLY owned by Kristen Demuth.

Sheba is a 16 week old rat terrier brought in by Linda Abbot. Welcome to AHC!

Wrigley, an 8 week old female Golden doodle.

Nora, a 7 week old female Pudle Pointer brought in by her dad, Nick Poppe.

Brace yourself. Cuteness overload! This is Lilly brought in by Jennifer Hladky and family. She is a 13 week old Westie and she has quite the personality. Welcome to AHC!

Oakley, a 9 week old male Blue Heeler/ Australian Shepherd brought in by Nate Barker.

Jelly Bean, a 12 week old female English Bulldog belonging to Donna and Cliff Madson.

Jerome, a 6 week old male Boxer/Great Dane brought in by Mark Millin.

Daisy, a 10 week old female calico tabby DSH joining the family of Judy Willcut..

Tigger, an 8 week old female grey tabby brought in by Katie Steinbrecher and her human sister.

Max, an 11 week old male Shorkie that joined the family of Becky Souchek and Rory Hamilton.

Rio, an 8 week old female Golden Retriever that was brought in by her new mom, Mrs. Powell and her three human siblings.

Skadi, a 9 week old female Weimaraner that was brought in by her new dad, Blake Yonke.

Scout, a 14 week old male Beagle/Hound that was brought in by his new mom, Mrs. Zimmerman and two human brothers.

This is Suka, a 14 week old Miniature Klee Kia brought in by his mom, Valerie Merkwan and his human sister.

This is Bella, an 11 week old female Pitbull/ Lab mix that has joined the family of Mr. and Mrs. Stone Arrow

This is Zola, a 12 week old Australian Shepherd brought in by her mom, Jessica Wolles

This feisty yet sweet little girl is "Ellie", a 14 week old kitty brought in by Ethan Taylor. Even though we picked on her a little bit she still was a very good girl. Welcome to AHC!

This is Oscar, a 9 week old Golden doodle brought in by his mom, Mrs. Petheram

This is a 7 week old female kitten that has not been named that was brought in by Mrs. Willcut

This cute teddy bear faced boy is "Teenie" Harford brought in by the Harford family. He is 5 months old Pomeranian and is full of energy! Welcome the AHC!

"Dodie" brought in by Megan Goeden. She is 11 weeks old and adorable! Welcome to AHC!

This is Grizz, an 11 week old German Shepherd that was brought in by his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Galvan

This is Cruz, an 11 week old male Golden Retriever brought in by Mr. and Mrs. Lancaster

This is Dexter, a 5 month old Yorkie brought in by his new mom, Brittanie Ferden

"Missy" brought in by Richard Dale was such a ball of energy. She loves to play and sure is cute! Welcome to AHC!

"Winston" James brought in the James family is a 14 week old King Charles Spaniel. What a cutie!

PENNY owned by the Eric & Holly Schmitz Family

This is Mabel, a 10 week old German Shepherd puppy that was brought in by her parents, Doug and Linda.

This is an 8 week old Toy Australian Shepherd that was brought in by Mr. and Mrs. Gusso. She has not been named yet.

Well look at this handsome devil.. This tiny 6 week old blue heeler named "Meeko" has been saved by Brooke Jackson and family and was brought home after a rough start at life. We are thankful all is well and are excited to watch him grow up!

This is Murray, an 11 week old male Australian Shepherd mix brought in by Allison and Bill Senior

Lady Dakota Dutcher "Kota", an 11 week old female German shorthair pointer, brought in by Mr. and Mrs. Dutcher

These two sleepy heads are Bear and Rocky Reisz brought in by Erin Reisz. They are 8 week old Bulldog Retriever mixes and they are bundles of joy! Welcome to the clinic can't wait to watch you two grow up!

This is Elliot, an 11 week old lab/husky mix that was brought in by his mom, Aubrey Wald.

This is Duke, a 9 week old Chocolate lab, brought in by his dad, Brian Kemnitz

This is Gunner, a 7-8 week old lab mix brought in by his mom, Ann Engen

BANDIT owned by the Dina Wapniarski Family

Panda is a 5 month old black German shepherd/wirehair mix that was brought in by his new mom, Victoria Ragen

Ash is a 12 week old black and white Pointer/Coonhound mix that was brought in by his dad, William Mattix-Hatch

This mellow man is "Kato" Brewer brought in by Josh Brewer. He is a 9 week old American Bulldog. He flew all the way from Florida to join us here at the Animal Health Clinic!

"Riley" a 10 week old beagle brought in by Lisa Nelson-Goss and family.

Nitro and Buster Russel. 6 week old Chihuahua puppies brought in by Pohaike Aloha Russel.

"Hank" an 8 month old Shiba Inu brought in by Jessica Nelson.

This is Todd, an 11 week old Gordon setter brought in by Gerri Merkwan.

This is Oreo, a 7 week old golden doodle, brought in by his dad, Nick Welter.

HUNTER owned by Chad & Stacey Clites

MAX owned by Monica Foxhoven

Dash, a 13 week old Chihuahua that was brought in by his mom, Sherri Eustace

This is a puppy with no name, 7 week old black lab brought in by his dad, Greg Bailey

Milo and Sasha, two 13 week old brother long haired dachshunds that were brought in by Mike Peschong

This is Katie, an 11 week old Scottish Terrier brought in by Mr. and Mrs. Charles Nyquist

This adorable sleepy head had his first visit to the clinic today. "Patton" , an English Springer Spaniel, was brought in by Zach Rodgers. Little Patton almost slept through his entire exam!

Mya, an 11 week old shihpoo (shih Tzu/poodle) brought in by her mom, Ashley Vance.

MURPHY, a 13 week old English Springer Spaniel brought in by Michelle Kunkel.

ZOEY owned by David Becker.

MOLLY owned by Bob & Marilyn Hansen.

Oliver, 9 week old lab mix brought in by his mom, Marissa Hauger.

This is Theodore, a 9 week old Lab mix brought in by his mom, Marissa Hauger.

This is Kenya, an 11 week old shih Tzu. brought in by Alexandra Foxhoven.

This is Viktor, a 14 week old mini Australian Shepherd male. brought in by Kaitlin Porter.

This is Asher, a 9 week old male Brittany Spaniel brought in by Stacey and Byron Nielsen.

Bandit a 12 week old Morkie brought in by Katie Kotschegarow.

Gertrude a 4 1/2 month old Shi Tzu brought in by Josh and Elizabeth Rembold.

Tatum is a 9 week old female DSH kitten brought in by Dustin Haffeman.

Koda is a 9 week old female German Shepherd mix brought in by Doug and Peggy Jones.

"Ghost" Holland, a 12 week old silver lab brought in by Teresa Holland.

"Gray" Anson brought in by Krysta Anson and Radim Miksik. She is an 11 week old weimaraner.

We welcome "Oliver" a 12 week old lab mix was brought in by Alex Kranz and Tori Henning

Beau a 13 week old Morkie brought in by Cory Meng.

Zeke a 10 week old yellow lab brought in by the Mastalir family.

"Stella" a 10 week old silver Lab. She was brought in by Laura Larson.

MISTY owned by Corey Sudbeck.

"Cooper" a 9 week old Chocolate Lab. He was brought in by Annie Lockwood.

ROCKY owned by Rachel Folkers

"Luna" a 10 week old Shiba Inu. She was brought in by Natalie Bottolfson

"Mia" a 9 week old Dachshund Mix. She was brought in by Taylor Rueb.

"Loki" a 10 week old DLH. He was brought in by Mandy Cwach.

"Ninja" a 7 week old DLH. He was brought in by LeAnna Johnson.

"Jaba" a 10 week old English Springer Spaniel. He was brought in by Kris and Doug Christiansen!

CHARLIE owned by Nicole Steiner

"Lilly" an 11 week old Dachshund Mix. She was brought in by Shelly Lee

"Skyla" a 16 week old Pitbull Terrier. She was brought in by William Wright and Kendra Nedred.

"Elsa" a 9 week old Miniature Dachshund! She was brought in by Pam Welch.

"Aspen" an 11 week old Boxer. Brought in by Cody Wells.

"Porter" a 17 week old Labradoodle. Brought in by Taylor Heiney.

"Lola" a 16 week old Pug Mix. She was brought in by Jim Delozier.

"Rosy" a 13 week old Shih tzu/Bichon mix. She was brought in by Kelly Vornhagen.

"Luna" a 6 month old DSH. She was brought in by Tessa Hagen.

"Garfield" an 8-10 week old DSH. He was brought in by Adrienne Blackmoon

"Shadow" a 9 week old DSH. He was brought in by Chuck Stoddard.

"Annie", "Benny", "Mia", and "Sparky". They were brought in by Melissa Orr.

"Jax" a 10 week old Pomeranian. He was brought in by Deb Williams!

"Rose" a 14 week old Yorkie/Shih Tzu mix. She was brought in by Emily Becker.

"Casper" a 13 week old Australian Shepherd. He was brought in by Nicole Brown.

LILY owned by the Drew Palu family

"Molly" a 12 week old Boxer mix. She was brought in by Julie & Brian Derby.

NOVA owned by Magen Bovero

TALLIE owned by Dawn Styles

SMOKE owned by Dianne Phillips

"Mudd" a 9 week old Chesapeak Bay Retriever. He was brought in by Rock Boyd.

KAT owned by Lisa Owen.

"Schnitzel" a 4 month old Dachshund. He was brought in by Tony Jensen.

"Axel" a 6 month old Brittany Spaniel. He was brought in by Mike Koepsell.

"Kizmit" a 5 month old Siberian Husky. He was brought in by Crystal Zimmerman.

"Porter" an 11 week old Labradoodle. He was brought in by Tayler Heiney.

"Gizmo" a 9 week old Border Collie Mix. He was brought in by Beverly Bellin.

"Finnley" 20 week old Cavashon. She was brought in by Bailey Kuchta.

PEPE owned by Maria Guitrow.

BELLA owned by the Sarah Smith family.

BEANS owned by Michael Dooley.

"Tank" a 13 week old Labrador Retriever. He was brought in by Jacob Swenty.

LULU owned by Holly Kellen

START & OZZY owned by Allie Schooley

CRICKET owned by the Clay & Rachel Stoddard Family

"Kitty" a 6 week old DSH. He was brought in by Amanda Pokorny.

TANK & TEX owned by Faith Humpal.

KEISHA owned by Brenda Gobel.

"Leo" a Seal Point DSH. She was brought in by Maggie Kribell.

"Falkor" a 14 week old Great Dane. She was brought in by Melissa Dittberner.

"Jasmine" a 10 week old Chocolate Lab. She was brought in by Macey Engel.

ZOEY owned by Jean Kocak

JOURNEY owned by Diane Loecker

BUSTER owned by Samantha Rus.

"Lucy" an 11 week old Shih Tzu Mix. She was brought in by Lynn Clark.

KYSER owned by James LaPointe.

PICKLES owned by Donna Knapp.

"Malibu" and "Maui". They are 9 week old DSH. They were brought in by Cassidy Graham.

"Dusty" a year and half old DSH. He was brought in by Candy Olson.

MUFASA owned by Michelle Carpenter

"Izzy" a 12 week old Mini Australian Shephard. She was brought in by Joyce & Tom Moore.

"Branson" a 9 week old mixed breed puppy. He was brought in by Haley Wiedenfeld

"Benny" a 10 week old Domestic Shorthair. He was brought in by Joyce Becker

BINX owned by the Amy Bahr family

"Buddy" an 11 week old Lab Mix. He was brought in by Mary Hanson

MAXIMUS owned by Tiffany Kyte

ROSIE owned by Kathy Dredla

"Piper" a 7 week old Pit Bull Terrier. She was brought in by Tyler Haas.

"Mia" a 16 week old Corgi Mix. She was brought in by Teresa Kokesh.

"Gracie" a 9 week old Yorkie. She was brought in by Donna Schwarz.

REMINGTON owned by Kylie Coulson and Craig Jensen

MOLLY owned by Janine Broscha

"Buttercup" a 19 week old Shih Tzu Mix. She was brought in by Karen Kleinschmit

"Sully" a 11 week old Golden Retriever. He was brought in by Susan Jensen!

SURLY owned by Kristen Pederson

OLIVER owned by Joe Erickson

SAM owned by Scott Wagner

HARRY owned by Elizabeth Allemand

HAZEL owned by Camron Knobbe

CISCO owned by Susan Goeden

"Boo" a 10 week old Dachschund Mix. She was brought in by Heath Mahaney!

ROSY owned by Kate Schaa

BOOMER owned by Pamela Cunningham

ADDISON owned by David Abbott.

"Bronko" a 10 week old Vizsla puppy!! He was brought in by Steven Duffield.

PENNY owned by Melinda Reichert

"Sammy" an 8 month old Cocker Spaniel. He was brought in by Joan Engler!

"Ruger" an 8 week old Lab. She was brought in by Madison Colestock!

"Daisy" an 11 week old Dachshund. She was brought in by Jacqueline Hunsley.

"Kitty" a 7 week old DSH. She was brought in by Rachel Burns.

"Max" an 8 week old German Shephard. He was brought in by Megan Chelsey!

MAYA owned by the Nathan Petersen Family

MOLLIE owned by Marcia Walter.

"Isabel" a 13 week old Shih Tzu. She was brought in by Steve Hamilton.

CASPER owned by Julie Nielsen.

"Carly" a 12 week old Yorkie mix. She was brought in by Becky Schurman.

"Otto" a 12 week old Morkie. He was brought in by Jennifer and Mark Keuhler.

"Sarge" a 9 week old chocolate Lab. He was brought in by Kayleen and Stan Schulz.

"Rex" a 4 week old Chihuahua mix. He was brought in by Majestic Bluffs-Avera Sister James.

"Yeti" an 8 week old Lab puppy! He was brought in by Stephanie Guenther!

SADIE owned by Sherri Boecker

SALVY owned by Denise Reisner

KATO owned by Josh Koch

DUNKIN owned by Brenda Tolliver

We welcome "Cooper" a 9 week old Beagle! He was brought in by Darren & Charity Hento

JERSEY owned by the Eric and Heather Anderson Family

BANJI owned by Jessica Gabbert

KALONA owned by Dan Hill

LUCY owned by Amy Westrum

KATIE owned by Scot Brockmueller

BELLA owned by Laurie LaBarge

EMMA owned by Mileidys Villarejo

DAISY owned by Molly Dzitko.

"Sasha" a 10 week old Great Pyrenees. She was brought in by Mercedes Kotalik.

MADDIE owned by Kay Lundstrom

"Jesse" a 7 month old lab mix. He was brought in by Gillian Weingart!

KODA owned by Bruce Schild Family

"Ozzie" a 10 week old Goldendoodle. He was brought in by Deb Riesgaard

"Fynn" a 15 week old Lab. She was brought in by Tony Wiese!

"Bella" an 18 week old Collie Mix. She was brought in by Dionne Hento

"Chunk" a 17 week old English Bulldog. He was brought in by Carly Manahan!.

"Goose" a 5 month old male Boxer. He was brought in by Heath Sudbeck.

"Stella" a 14 week old Tibetan Terrier brought in by Tayler Heiney.

"Cooper" a 6 week old Collie mix brought in by Russell Cameron.

4 Shiba Inu puppies brought in by George Munn.

ANGEL owned by James Henderson

Zeus a 10 week old Collie Mix brought in by Olivia Hudson

"Abbie" 17 week old female domestic short hair. She was brought in by Connie Fitch.

"Blackjack" 7 week old male Collie mix brought in by Robert Vargus.

Nikki an 11 week old female Maltese. Brought in by Nora Lee.

We welcome "Lucy" a 7 week old collie mix brought in by Ashley Mendoza.

"Bailey" 7 week old Shih Tzu Mix brought in by Violet Simpson

"Callie" A 5 month old female Scottish Terrier brought in by Faith Humpal.

"Jezzabelle" 10 week old Basset hound mix brought in by Tony Wiepen family

We welcome Batgirl, Batman, and Wonder Woman, brought in by Crystal Etheridge.

We welcome "Schnoks Davis" 13 week old male lab puppy brought in by Shawna Reardon.

FLASH & BAXTER owned by Laura Swenson

KIRBY owned by Ellis Jensen

SAM owned by Skip Graff

REMI owned by the Amy Barnhart Family

AGENT owned by Jenny Cole

DAISY owned by Jin Huang

KILLER owned by James Kohler

WINNY owned by Anita Hladky

LUNA owned by Diane Phillips

BAILEY owned by Amy Mulloy

NOVA owned by Karly Schaa

JAKE owned by Elliot & Lindsey Nysven

DAISY owned by Chad Kollars

LUCY owned by Morgan Schenkel

MADELYN owned by Bev & Bill Blatchford

DUKE owned by Redneck Farms

PENNY owned by Karley Briggs

XANDER owned by Brittany Hoilien

BISHOP owned by Khorey Kilgore

DOZER owned by Mike Koepsell

LILLIE owned by David Withrow

ZILLY owned by Kristy Sayler

MOTLEY owned by Cassie & Chuck Rezac

ANNIE MAY owned by Sharon Winterringer

HERBIE owned by Kathy Church

KIKI owned by Shawna Reardon

GEMMA JOY owned by Shawna Reardon

GINGER owned by Regan Luken

JASPER owned by Steve Anderson

CLETUS owned by Whitney Clark

COOPER BRADLEY owned by Kasey Hofer

ROWDY & ROUSEY owned by Riley Haberman/Jake Guenther

MAGGIE owned by Norman Rokusek

MACK owned by Benjamin & Christa Slowey

TITUS owned by Chris & Morgan Heier

BABY DUTCH owned by Crystal Etheridge

HARLEY owned by Kendra Henseler

TITUS owned by Amanda Polorny

TUFFY owned by Lori Miller

CHICO owned by Rosalinda Pena

SADIE owned by Gerry Hastreiter

NOEL owned by Roger Larsen

AKIRA owned by Jo Ellen Jensen

KIMBER owned by the Casey Sloan Family

NOVA owned by Chelsee Olthoff

LADY owned by Alvin Robinson

HANK owned by the Ken Stucky Jr. Family

SADIE owned by Francis McDonald

CHLOE owned by Mike Czapliewski

KAZIMIERA owned by Crystal Zimmerman

ANNA owned by Shelley Bye

ISABELLE owned by Mark Langley

MEMPHIS owned by Heather McCloud

BONNIE owned by Heather Tewes

BELLA owned by Stephanie Guenther

MAZIE owned by Sherri Boecker

BASCO owned by Sami Clement

GAGE owned by Courtney Riggs

DRAKE owned by Brittany Hegge

RED owned by Erin Schoellerman

FRITZ owned by Randy & Gayle Webert

HARLEY owned by Heather Ray

ZENA owned by Alyssa Weiland

LUNA owned by Royce Muhmel

REBA owned by Lisa Perk/James Leyden

DODGER owned by Crystal Gemar

LUNA owned by Katie Hoffman

GALAHAD owned by Samantha Schmidt

PENNY owned by Cole Larson

ABBY owned by Stewart Bass

STELLA owned by Courtney Bushaw

CALLIE owned by Nic Kellen

OREO owned by Linda & Jim Winterringer

SAM owned by Casey Reinfenrath

RILEY owned by Tiffany Kyte

DOZER owned by Danny Kohles

HARLEY owned by Lori Miller/Nick Poppe

BETTY owned by Chelsea Godfrey

DRAKE owned by Adam Peterson

THISTLE owned by Lorena Marsosolek

ROSIE owned by April Hansen

HARLEY owned by Kelia Barta

RUGER owned by Tashina Hughes

SIMBA owned by Andrea Reyna

KHALEESI owned by Lindsey & Shane Fiechuk

OLIVER owned by Tonya & Bruce Schild

FRANKIE owned by Holly & Cody Wells

LADY BUG owned by Sharon Winterringer

BROOKS owned by Kelsey Szczesny

JADE owned by Christina Schwartz

ROSIE owned by Connie Hussman

CHIQUITA owned by Chris Ferdig

LUKE owned by Lynn Clark

GIZMO owned by Mike Haro

COPPER owned by Tera Tramp

COCOA owned by John Winterringer

VIENNA owned by Lori Rothenberger

MIA owned by Emily Becker

SAMMI & DUKE owned by Jason & Mandy Cwach

Grace owned by Mike Campbell

HALEY owned by Lynn Schlaefli

LUCY owned by Stacy Ryken

DIESEL owned by Trevor Jensen

REESE owned by Kari Caruthers

RUSTY owned by Kelly Manke

GUNNER owned by Jordan Smith

GIA owned by Tiffany Galvan

SIF owned by Cameron Weber

DIESEL owned by Andrea Fischer

TIGER owned by Dan McIntyre

PEANUT owned by Doug Schurman

KAYCEE owned by Suzanne Wiebelhaus

CLUTCH owned by Melissa Dittberne

COOPER owned by Tayler Daisy

PETIE owned by Jacque Montgomery

ROCKET owned by Jason Gault

PHOENIX owned by Arnie Zacher

LUCAS owned by Casey Reinfenrath

ANNIE owned by the Tammy Bratberg Family

LIBBY owned by Jake Drotzman

CAPTAIN owned by Morgan Privett

LUCY owned by Dave Schaefer

MYAH owned by Milan Lemmenes

MOLLY owned by James Wiener

OLLIE owned by Amber Leafstedt

RORY owed by Paige Anderson

DAISY owned by Brian Strong and Brittany Hegge

SIMON owned by Linda Gorham

KAIA owned by Joel Merkwan

MAGGIE owned by the Ryan List Family

BELLA owned by Cheryl Girard

TITAN owned by Heather Yungeberg

BEANS owned by Molly Shreves

SAGE owned by Beth Braun

PENELOPE owned by Joey Hahn

BELLA owned by Brenda Leader

LOUIE owned by Amanda Pratt

GOLDIE owned by Jamie Tellus

LAYLA owned by Tim Cody

PIPER owned by Jenny Cole

SAMMY owned by Stacy Fuhrmann

ROMEO owned by Walter Reed

THUNDER owned by Amy Mulloy

KAI owned by Kyler Pekarek

AVA owned by Mason Kalin

EVA owned by the Heidi Sutera family

MYAH owned by Milan Lemmenes

LULU owned by the Tim Cody Family

SASSY owned by Donna & Dean Daniels

MAYA owned by Christy Simantel

DUKE & DAISY owned by the Carrie Mastalir Family

LILLY owned by the William Teegarden Family

ZEUS owned by Whitney Clark

BELLA owned by the Tiffany Kyte family

GUS owned by Nichole Boecker

Owned by Denis & Mary Beth Fokken

RUFUS owned by Jennifer Olson

OLIVER owned by Chelsey Holland

SVEN owned by Rhonda Karolevitz

KADY owned by Heidi Sutera

LUCKY owned by Ron & Norma Bartikowsky

BROWNIE owned by the Al Rice Family

SMOKE owned by the Madison Holland Family

PARKER owned by Corby Johnson

EVA owned by Shelly & Scott Sangster

OLIVER owned by Rena Hebda

MOLLY owned by the Sara Vander Tuig Family

LUCY owned by Kassidy Boyd

JADE owned by Orion & Marcie Hanson

JEN owned by Carl Kneifl

BENELLI owned by Brittni Konvalin & Josh Koch

SHILOH owned by the Tara & Dan Gill Family

BELLA owned by Andrea Fischer

NEKO owned by Kari Caruthers

AUGGIE owned by Glen & Mary Malchow

REX owned by Jarod Nelson

SHILOH owned by Jeremy Wynia

ANGEL owned by Mandy & Jason Cwach

FREDDY & TEDDY owned by Larry Nohr

ZOEY owned by Becky Glidden

MISSY owned by Megan Ryken

HAROLD owned by Jeremy Knodel

MAE MAE owned by Brooke Arellano

BUBBA owned by Marty Johnson

TEDDY owned by Deanna Loecker

DROOLER owned by Travis Wagner

ZOOMER owned by Tisha Shank

BAILEY owned by Bob Rolfs

MINA owned by Cora Van Olson

Woody Hayes owned by Becky Caton

TUCKER owned by Ali Wieseler

SCARLET owned by Misty Murtha

SIMBA owned by Heather Hirsch

CHEWBACCA owned by John Sawyer & Chrystal Johnson

GRACIE owned by Joan Wolf

BRUTUS owned by the Lauri Leyden Family

LUCY owned by Julie Huber

TAYLOR owned by Denise Hepper

GOLDIE with Karen Frederick's MVCA Kindergarten class

SPARKY owned by Roberto & Ashlea Guzman-Gutierrez

MINION owned by Carla Anderson

MAISY owned by the Dawn Styles family

JAX and MONEY owned by the Justin Brandt Family

TUESDAY owned by Laurie Wise

SHIRLEY with the Holly Wortmann Family

BOO owned by Lisa Wubben

KOVU owned by Mercedes Kotalik

TIPSY owned by Jessica Kraai

RADAR owned by Nick Woods

SCOUT owned by Jim Strong

GUS owned by Patti Bancroft

CODY owned by Dr. Larry Celmer

LINCOLN owned by Yosimer Pacheco

LIBERTY owned by James Reinhardt

WINNIE owned by Cassie Wickre

ZOEY owned by Melissa Wright

OREO owned by Tracey Lathrop

SMOKE owned by Nancy Selzler

SEBASTION owned by Melanie & Mike Manas

IZZY owned by Gene Blom

RUBY owned by Lindsay Rabbass

REGGIE owned by Troy Kabella

TEDDY owned by the Lindy Slagle family

BUCKWHEAT held by Karla Zeutenhorst's grandson Mason

SIERRA owned by Anton Block and TINKER owned by Beth Block

KOTA owned by Amy Johnson

LETTY owned by John Pribyl

MAGGIE MAE owned by Susan Crapo

LILLY owned by Rhonda Wesseln

CASEY owned by Gwen and Craig Wawers

ROCKET owned by Peggy Black

SOPHIE owned by Jack Battin

Christy Simante with PAXTON and RIDLEY

SANDLER owned by Matt Lingo

SIMBA owned by Theresa and Dennis Smith

ARTEMIS owned by the Heather Wardle family

STELLA owned by Chuck and Ann Engen

KASSIE owned by Ellen Ronfeldt

MIA SOPHIA owned by the Renee Tereshinski family

ELSIE owned by JoEllen and James Neumayr

KATLYN owned by Renee and Ryan Mingo

MURPHY owned by Denise Reisner

FLUFFY owned by Cortney Kocak

SARAH owned by Cortney Kocak

CALLIE owned by Beth Rye

Marvin and Karen Ehlers brought in this group of kittens: FRANK, EDDA, TED, JULIUS and BORUS.

RAMONE owned by Nick Schwebach and Ellen Fjellestad

GRETTA owned by Ashlee Schlaefli

BELLE owned by Shelley Bye

CROOKSHANK owned by Lindsay Larson

TIA owned by Brian & Stephanie Gaulke

NINER, new friend of Christina Broders

COCCO held by Heather Jensen's daughter

DWIGHT owned by Kelli and John Peterson

HMYAH owned by Samantha Mead & Tyler Hento

HALEY owned by the Yolanda Herrera Family

HAZE with Becky Caton

KITTY owned by Melissa Pokorney

CHLOE owned by Andrew and Jennifer Johnson

PEANUT owned by Michelle Zentmire

CALLIE, CHARLIE and PERCY owned by Micaela Hult

SPOCK owned by Justin Dejong

TEDDY owned by Sam Camp

KODA owned by the April Lee family

SIMON owned by the April Lee Family

CHUMLEE owned by Colton Iverson and Sarah Roering

BELLE owned by Matt and Janice Stone

LUCKY owned by George Munn

BERT owned by Robin and Russ Christensen

SEATTLE owned by Jerry Byrkeland

JAZZ owned by Dave Mingo family

LUCY owned by Matt Schaa

BOSCO, new Bulldog for Sheila Johnson

Andy Witte holding COTA

Susan Doyle holding JETTA

NOVA owned by Carisa and James Phipps

LOU brought in by Brenda Krull

KAYCE, new Golden puppy belonging to Philip & Julie Ward

OLE, German Shepherd mix owned by Valerie Sherwood

MURPHY, new Golden pup of Christine and Bob Logue

Jaime and Rosalinda Pena with BUBBLES

Pam Stone holding LACEY

MELLOW with the LaPointe family

Cheyenne LaPointe with SPAZ

LEXY held by Summer Anstine

BERETTA held by Becky Huber

BELLA is a female Bulldog puppy owned by Roger Schweitzer

AVY, new yellow Lab puppy for Mark Gustad

SPOT, new friend of Brandon Renteria

The Shandi Bartels family with TEDDY

ZELDA: new Beagle puppy of Lucas Johnson

ZOEY held by Chelsey Holland

Miranda Leusink holding DENAHLI

BARTLEY owned by Heath Mahaney

CALI and kids of the Austin Steinberg family

MICK owned by Randy Reynolds

Lilly owned by Tessa Hansen

JOHN owned by Stacey Ginsbach

Angie Suing holding SHERLOCK

DEXTER owned by the Amy Westrum Family

John and Amy Bahr with WILLY

Travis Acklin and Laura Jenks with CARLIE

ANAHITA owned by Bobbie Reetz

MOZZY: New puppy of Kyle Lichty

Nicolette Bose and BUSTER

OLIVER hanging out with Mike O'Conner

ELLIE owned by Shawn and Angela Mann

JEP and Bonnie Hubbs

BEATRIX and Lethia Marienau

Jeremy Bagstad with NOVA

Lindsay Christensen (Ben Knutson) with ZOEY

Kelly Bellmer with LUNA

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